Do You Have A Grant Funding Programme?

Support from grants is one of our greatest blessings, and ensures we’re here to help everyone, regardless of their ability to pay

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Our mission is to help people stay well through prevention and early detection of serious illness.

Instead of a fixed fee for our health screenings, we ask for a donation that’s based on ability to pay. Each screening costs us £350 (which is incredible value!) and we receive no NHS funding. We encourage clients to give generously for their screening, but we never turn anyone away if they’re unable to donate.

Our health screening service is entirely supported by donations. Friends throughout the local community help in so many ways – grants, donations, and fundraising give people from all walks of life a brighter future.

We’re always researching grants that are relevant for us to apply for. If you have a grant-funding programme that focuses on health, wellbeing, and improving lives in the community, please get in touch. We’d be thrilled to talk to you!

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Would you like to discuss this in more detail? Please contact our CEO Lynda Vowles ([email protected]).

Thank you – your support will help spot cancer early!