Screening Stories

These stories show the amazing impact of taking action for your health.

We’re grateful to everyone who shares their story. Whether you’ve made lifestyle changes, or received treatment to stop illness in its tracks, or simply enjoyed the reassurance of detailed test results – you’re showing how early detection and prevention of illness can transform lives.

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Dudley and Barbara share their Mary How Trust story

Stephen explains the importance of PSA testing

Jane tells her Mary How Trust story

Ian Mills

“I’d never have known about my heart without your health screening. I’m a big fan of the Mary How Trust.”

David Priscott

“I sometimes think that it might have been a very different story if I had not had my check up at the Mary How Trust. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Michael Comyn

“We are incredibly fortunate to have such a facility on our doorstep here in Pulborough. My thanks to all the team at the Mary How Trust – we are so lucky to have you.”

“Mary How Trust literally saved my life, They found a small amount of blood in a stool sample that the NHS test would not have picked up on, within three weeks I was diagnosed with colon cancer which had also spread to my liver, all with no symptoms, I had an operation to remove the colon cancer within six weeks of diagnosis and will have second operation on the liver within the next three weeks with a good prognosis, get yourself screened! Thanks again!”

– 2023 client

Raymond Blackwell

“For Ray, running outdoors was the perfect antidote to depression after cancer treatment.”

David Potter

I was immediately referred to A&E and had a main artery heart bypass. I tell all my friends not to ignore any warnings.”

Sue Sears

“It’s my pleasure to share my story…. I feel one lucky lady.”

“I am seriously in your debt. I could easily have had a stroke had this not been picked up by you during the ECG”

– 2023 client

Jane Goossens

“My health screening discovered a kidney tumour. Thanks to you I can now concentrate on my new business”

Amir Baz

“Thanks to the Mary How Trust, I’m looking forward to a future without pain.”

Sue Blackman

I was able to have the treatment I needed even before I developed symptoms.

“Thank you so much, its given me the drive and advice to help change how I am to how I want to be”

– 2024 client