Encourage Fundraising At Work

Having a Charity of the Year is a great way to encourage staff team-building and raise morales

Learn more about encouraging fundraising at work

Every penny raised will help to keep our service running and potentially save someone’s life. We’ll be delighted to acknowledge and publicise your generous support

  • From dress-down days in the office and dress-up days on the shop floor, to inter-department contests and out-of-the-workplace jail breaks…. There are countless ways to involve and inspire your team!
  • If anyone takes part in a personal sponsorship challenge, you could offer to match the funds they raise. A great boost, and a powerful vote of confidence in their achievement.
  • If you choose the Mary How Trust to be your Charity of the Year, we’ll help you make it a year to remember! We’ll keep closely in touch with you and offer any advice you need, and we’ll sing your support from the rooftops so your commitment to our service is widely recognised.

Let’s talk about the opportunities for your business. Please contact us.

Thank you! You’ll make a lasting impact, giving your local community a healthier future.