Sue Sears

“It’s my pleasure to share my story…. I feel like one lucky lady”

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Sue’s cancer was detected before she had symptoms. Her early treatment gave her the all-clear.

‘Too busy’ for a check-up, Sue nearly put off her Mary How Trust screening – but spotted a cancer testimonial in our newsletter just in time.

Sue explains, “I almost postponed my screening, as I felt too busy. But your newsletter came that day, and one item described a gentleman who was in good health and shape, like me, and who came for his ‘MOT’ – like me! His scan revealed a lump that turned out to be cancerous, and he had it removed. He said his life was saved.

I decided on the spot to make time for my appointment.

Wouldn’t you know? My scan showed I needed further checks, and my consultant said she’d detected pre-cancerous cells. I was frightened to hear I needed a total hysterectomy.

To my horror, they did find early stage cancer in the uterus. I couldn’t get over the shock of it.

It’s like Stephen Fry said – you don’t think it’s going to happen to you. Cancer is something that happens to other people…

After surgery I’m now A-OK. It could have gone undetected – I shudder to think what the consequences may have been…

I’m grateful, and I’m happy to share my story – it might give someone else a reason not to put off their health screening!

I feel so lucky. What if I had cancelled my appointment? How long would it have been before I discovered the cancer?

I tell everyone, “You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.”