Sue Blackman

“I was able to have the treatment I needed even before I developed symptoms”

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You may not recognise Sue’s picture, but for many her voice will be familiar as part of our friendly appointments team. Sue gives advice and guidance, and helps people arrange their Mary How Trust health screening. Recently Sue acted on the advice she gives to so many, and booked an appointment for herself – with startling results. She says:

I felt perfectly well, but I thought I should put my money where my mouth is and book a screening to check up on my own health. I was sure my results would be OK.

I was genuinely surprised when my ultrasound scan revealed an ovarian cyst, possibly septated. I knew that for much of the time cysts are harmless, and that the risk of malignancy is low. But occasionally serious complications can occur, and I felt anxious and concerned. I immediately saw my GP and a consultant, and had a follow-up scan in hospital.

My consultant said they needed to monitor me – or they could arrange to have the cyst taken out straight away. That seemed the obvious thing to do! I had the operation and feel relieved and reassured.

I’m pleased the Mary How Trust spotted this. I was able to have the treatment I needed even before I developed symptoms.

Now if someone calls to book an appointment or needs reassurance I can confidently tell them, from personal experience, it’s the best thing to do, to check up on your health!