Sponsor Health Screenings

Your business has the chance to take care of your employees while also helping people from less-privileged Sussex neighbourhoods benefit from health screenings.

Learn more about sponsoring health screenings

Will you join us and help men and women check up on their health, regardless of their financial circumstances?

Our health screening service is funded entirely by kind donors, fundraisers, and corporate sponsors throughout the county. Your support will save lives.

Sponsoring Screening For Your Employees & Families In Need: How Does It Work?

  • As a business leader who understands the value of supporting your employees’ wellbeing, you’ll recognise that health screening helps your employees stay fit and well.
  • Sign up for a Corporate Sponsorship package from £500 per year. (This enables smaller businesses to take part, and is scalable for larger businesses.)
  • Each £500 sponsorship includes one free employee health screening a year. (Excellent value! We believe this is cheaper than equivalent screenings provided by all the well-known for-profit health screening companies. You may decide to offer this to senior employees, or include a wider segment – or all – of your workforce.)
  • Your sponsorship is a charitable donation, and gives you potential corporation tax relief. (HMRC allows one health screening per year per employee without tax liability. This is tax allowable and doesn’t incur any benefit in kind to the employee.)
  • For every two sponsorships the Mary How Trust provides one free health screening for someone from the more deprived communities in Sussex. (This supports your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme.)
  • We will recognise and acknowledge your support publicly, in consultation with you. The level of recognition will increase with the number of sponsorship packages you select. (Note: 2- and 3-year sponsorship commitments result in greater visiblity for your business.)
  • Check out this flyer, which sums up this corporate health screening & outreach programme .

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Health inequality in Sussex – why your support matters:

Did You Know? Life in the Home Counties brings 16 more years of good health, says  a recent parliamentary report – but even in affluent counties, health inequalities persist:

  • Within Sussex, 8 of the wards have health deprivation levels in the top 10% in England. (Source: Sussex Uncovered 2. 2016.)
  • Healthy life expectancy for women has FALLEN in recent years, so some women now spend over 20 years in poor health; 5 years more than men. (Source: West Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board – Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2024.)
  • Affluent communities are adopting healthier behaviours around smoking, alcohol, diet, and physical activity. But ‘clusters’ of unhealthy lifestyles are linked to more deprived neighbourhoods – and so health inequality widens. (Source: West Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board – Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2024.)

Your sponsorship will give communities a healthier future, and support your CSR programme. Please become a corporate health screening sponsor today.

“I feel much better; this was my wake-up call.”